R. L. Templin, Cal-la, O., writes: "A few days ago, while visiting a neighbor florist, I was shown a very fine bed of A. Neuner Double Bouvardias, containing 150 or 200 plants, that were propagated from root cuttings.

There was not one single flower in the whole lot. Is it generally known that the double varieties will come true from root cuttings? When I received my first plants from the originators, they sent me a card stating that they could not be grown from root-cuttings, as they would come single. I would be glad to hear from some others who have tried growing them from root cuttings."

[As a general rule plants which originate in branches, known as sports, will not come always true from root cuttings. Many kinds of variegated plants will not reproduce the character by root cuttings. It would be well for an originator of a new variety in this way to caution, that disappointment might not arise from root-cutting plants. As regards this Bouvardia, we have known them to be raised from root-cuttings, and always so far, with the reproduction of the double form. - Ed. G. M.]