A correspondent sends the following account of the latest remarkable new seedling strawberries to a New York paper. It is to be remarked that the descriptions sent are wholly in the public interest, and not from any selfish motive on the part of the writer, as he has not a solitary plant for sale, and does not expect to have for several months to come :

" 'Heliogabalus Double Early,' is a large squat berry, with blue eyes and a coy, winning mouth, bursting all over with coquettish sweetness. It is a good grower, but requires judicious tickling with a straw to awaken it to a generous enthusiastic interest in its own cultivation.

"'Reddy the Blacksmith Round Top Seedling,' is a good family berry; but of no use in general society. The last crop was a failure, owing to the name, which weighed heavily on the berry, and retarded its growth.

"'Blue Jeans Late Canadian Songster' used to be fine, but has fallen into dissipated ways, and is more or less stunted, and has an acid flavor, like an old maid whose last hope has just been carried off by a red-headed girl with freckles.

"'Calithumpian Aurora' is a beautiful boarding-house berry, much admired by dealers. Owing to its modest and retiring habits which impel it to grovel on the cold, cold ground, it is enabled to pick up and retain large quantities of sand and dirt, on which account it is sometimes called 'Triumph of Real Estate,' or 'True Grit.' This berry may also be used by careful housekeepers in the place of bath brick.

"'Tuscarora Conquest' promises to develop to such wonderful proportions that two of them, adroitly manipulated by street venders, could be made to fill a box with bottom located about half way to the top. It also promises that each would be sufficient for a short cake. However, it is not great in size. It is probably as small as Conkling's chances of becoming President. 'Tuscarora Conquest ' is a slender, low-necked specimen of its kind, and, when feeling well, is productive as a spring poet. The best way to raise it is with a pair of ice-tongs.

"'Eur Tippet' I consider one of the finest berries I have ever seen. This berry is so phenomenally intelligent that it can be trained to jump through a hoop and do light chores about the house."