"R. O.," Philadelphia, writes: "Will you be kind enough to inform me which season you consider best for transplanting trees - spring or fall? It is held by some that fall is the best time, while others claim that spring is preferable."

[This is one of the questions that can never be finally decided. If trees are in good condition when planted, and are planted properly, they will only die from what happens to them after they are planted. If the weather which follows is "awful," there may be ill-success with the planting. It may be a terribly cold winter, or a terribly hot summer. As we cannot tell in advance, one season is about as safe as another. One thing we all know, which is that spring is a more busy season than fall, and on this account in our own practice we plant all we can in fall. On this account it is the best for us, and, when the winter does not prove too severe, we find it the best on all other accounts. - Ed. G. M.]