We have recently noted that the statement that Dr. Beal was authority for the production of tubers from a stem of potato on which a potato had been grafted, was scarcely accurate. From a note in the Gardeners' Chronicle, it appears that the experiments were by Mr. Maule and Mr. Alexander Dean "some years ago." Without at all disparaging the statements made, it does seem as if a few more experiments would be desirable.

M. Carriere records in a recent number of the Revue Horticole a case wherein he grafted a Jerusalem Artichoke on to the stem of the sunflower. A curious result followed, viz., the formation of tubers on the stem of the sunflower, no tubers being found below-ground, although several were found on the stem just above-ground.

M. Carrikre is a botanist of distinction, and regarded as a very careful and accurate observer. It seems incredible that he should say that "he" performed the experiment and noted the results as stated, and yet there be any mistake in his conclusions. The observation is one having such a ver\ close relation to the important practical question with fruit growers of the influence of graft on the stock, that we feel there cannot be too many of these experiments, and we hope they will be repeated next year.