Everybody knows the pretty summer flowering bulb, the Tigridia or Tiger flower. We have the red Tigridia pavonia, and the yellow conchiflora. The white, according to Revue Horticole was raised and recently sent out by M. Hennequin, of Angers, France. In habit and general aspect it is said to be similar to the older variety T. conchiflora, from which it seems to have sprung. Its flowers are large, of a dead or pearly-white color, marked at the base of each division with large spots of a reddish brown or chestnut color on a yellowish ground, forming a fine contrast with the white of the petals. The style column is of a bright yellow, of the form of a long hollow sheath, terminated by three mottled plates enclosing the style within them. This should be quite an acquisition to our summer borders and a good companion for the already known and admired varieties of this showy family.