THE Acanthus is a group of stately ornamental plants of vigorous growth and handsome foliage. To grow well, they require rich, deep soil well-fertilized with old manure, and plenty of water during the Summer months. They show their character best when grown in single tufts, at the bend of a walk, on a bed of turf and in a sheltered, half-shaded situation. Acanthus mollis latifolius, Acanthus niger, Acanthus spinosus and several other species are all very desirable for giving tropical effects in Summer or Winter.

Propagate by dividing the roots or by seeds sown in Spring, under glass in gentle heat, covering the seeds to the depth of an eighth of an inch. Pot the young seedlings singly when they are an inch or two high, and plant them out of doors when they are three or four inches high.