One of the most beautiful of our small flowering trees, of wide-spreading habit with fern-like foliage and great sprays of delicate pale-pink flowers, blossoming in July and August after most of our flowering trees are past bloom.

The full effect of the beauty of this most interesting tree is had when it is planted on a rising ground, against a background of pine or other dark foliage, in the full sunlight in which it seems to delight. In the warm interior valleys it should do exceedingly well if planted in good, well-drained soil and given some attention in the way of cultivation and a little water occasionally at its roots.

It should be grown extensively both in the garden and as a sidewalk tree.

Being a native of Armenia and the Levant it thrives in the climatic conditions along our coast and even in San Francisco.

Wherever it has been planted and given a little care it has proved to be one of the best trees for showing grand effects in late Summer and early Fall.

It should not be planted in heavy clay soil or in a situation where water lies on the surface at any time.

Propagate by seeds, sown one-quarter of an inch deep in heat, in February or March (or as soon as received); give pot-room as required. Cuttings are seldom successful.