A genus of evergreen or deciduous flowering shrubs which should be seen in every collection as they are all free-flowering and of good habit of growth. They delight in a half-shady situation, protected from harsh winds and strong sunshine, and away from cold draughts. They prefer a light sandy soil and abundance of water within reach of their roots.

Propagate by cuttings of half-ripe wood taken off with a heel in June or July; insert them in pots filled with soil composed of half silver-sand, half leaf-mold well mixed together; place them in a cool frame, and shade during sunshine, until rooted. When rooted, plant them in small pots and return them to the frame; shade them until they form fresh roots when they should be placed in a shady spot out of doors or preferably in a lath-house, the object being to keep the plants as cool as possible.

The evergreen species seem to do best when grown in pots in a lath-house or under the shade of a deciduous tree, being brought into the greenhouse only during the season of flowering which is in late Winter and early Spring. As soon as they finish flowering, the seed-pods should be picked off and the plants returned to the lath-house so as to make their young growth. As their roots are very fine, the soil should never be allowed to become dry. The deciduous species are best grown in the open border partially shaded by deciduous trees.