Handsome native bulbous plants with showy flowers and erect flower-stems. There are about twenty varieties, all of which are very beautiful. They require a good strong loam of considerable depth to grow well. Pasture fields are the native homes of the Mariposa Lilies.

Propagate by seeds sown, in early Spring, in light loam, covering the seeds to the depth of one-eighth of an inch, or by division of the bulbs which should be taken up as soon as the leaves turn yellow and the bulbs are in a dormant state. Keep the bulbs in a cool dry position covered by light loam or sand to prevent them shrinking, as leaving them all Winter in paper bags or in dry sheds seems to dry them too much and to weaken their growth the following year. Plant them immediately after the first Fall rains, from six to twelve inches apart and from two to three inches deep. Select a spot away from artificial irrigation. On no account disturb the bulbs and they will give improved flowers year by year.