THE Succulents include many very handsome and interesting plants, extremely varied in their character, most of them having thick fleshy leaves or stems. Many are useful for planting in dry sandy or rocky banks, and for covering, with gay colors and interesting foliage, poor spots of dry soil which are out of reach of water or too barren to sustain any other class of plant. Among the large number which are perfectly hardy and very ornamental are many of the Cactus, Agave and the large family of Mesembryanthemum and Portulaca, also the gorgeous free-flowering Crassula, etc.

Collections of Succulents should be planted in the dryest and best-sheltered portions of the garden. They should be watered very sparingly during only very dry weather, and even then only when the plants show signs of flagging or wilting. The soil best suited for most of them is a dry, rocky, well-drained, loose, light loam such as is used in rockeries, for growing in which most of the Succulents are admirably adapted.