IN European countries and the Eastern States of America many works on gardening have been written in calendar form, such a calendar being very convenient for reference or as a guide for systematic work throughout the year. Of course, no calendarial directions can be, at the same time, suitable to all the different localities or districts of our great State. It may be pouring rain and cold weather in Humboldt county and on the same day very dry and quite warm in the counties south of Tehachapi; we have cold frosty nights in Shasta county when the oranges are ripening in the county adjoining. While it would be impossible to provide for every contingency, yet, along the coast and in the great valleys, the difference in temperature is not so wide but that a general system of operation might apply to all. The seasons themselves, however, vary so much that many circumstances must be taken into consideration, such as the state of the weather, the condition of the soil, etc. In some years, the Winter rains fall much earlier than in others; one season may have rainfall enough to allow plowing and spading to be commenced early in September, while, in other years, the ground may remain dry and hard until late in November.

Keeping all this in view, there are submitted in this chapter, in the form of a Gardening Calendar, a series of hints and suggestions based on the experience of the writer, which, it is believed, will be found useful and profitable to growers in California, it being left to the good judgment of such to make the necessary modifications when a season has been abnormal or if their locations should happen to be where the temperature goes to an extreme in any way.