This hardy and important Fall-blooming plant is a favorite with all plant lovers, and, to grow to perfection, requires considerable care and skill, but good results may easily be had by ordinary garden treatment if the soil is deep and well-enriched by a generous allowance of rotted manure.

It is propagated by cuttings, by suckers or by dividing the roots in March or April. Cuttings should be inserted in a gentle heat, or in a cold frame kept close and shaded for a few days; as soon as they are rooted, they should be potted in three-inch pots and returned to the frame, being shaded until they make fresh roots, when they should be given plenty of air and kept close to the glass, care being taken that they never once suffer from want of water. Plant them where they are to bloom, early in May or as soon as they have made six inches of growth.

The young shoots should have their points pinched off to encourage the stems to branch; this operation should be repeated once a month until August 1st. Plant them about two feet apart; after planting, mulch the entire surface of the beds or borders with half-rotted horse-manure and give the ground a thorough soaking with water. Chrysanthemums require enormous quantities of water, care being taken, however, not to sour the soil by giving too much. In the hot dry districts of the State they should be planted, if possible, on a northern exposure or partially shaded during the Summer months.

The Chrysanthemum is divided into many sections including the incurved (whose strap-shaped florets curve inward), the recurved (whose florets curve outward from the center), the anemone (or grilled form), the Pompones (or small-flowered) and the fringed Japanese or ragged section. The Pompones and the recurved are considered the most satisfactory for outdoor bedding as they are more free-flowering and not so easily damaged by Fall winds or wet weather. When the young plants are about twelve inches high, a neat stake should be placed at each stem, and the stems tied to the stakes, as they need the support.