The Monterey Cypress is a universal favorite, nearly every garden having a representative of this species. It makes an excellent wind-break and stands exposure as well as, if not better than, any tree we have experimented with whether indigenous or exotic. It is of vigorous habit and assumes stately proportions. When full grown and when its massive flat crown is well-formed, no tree has more character or more striking individuality. It grows well in any soil but prefers rich well-drained loam.

Cupressus Lawsoniana is of more elegant form than the preceding, being of pyramidal habit and graceful outline. Cupressus sempervirens (the Italian Cypress) is of a tall tapering habit and formal appearance.

The Cypress makes an excellent hedge.

All of the species are easily propagated by seeds sown, in the early Spring, one-quarter of an inch deep, in boxes, and placed in a cold frame. When they are three inches high transplant them into boxes (placing them three inches apart) and afterwards plant them out in nursery rows about one foot apart.

Cupressus Lawsoniana.