A genus of hardy ornamental low-growing deciduous shrubs, mostly natives of China and Japan. No shrubbery is complete without a collection of these elegant free-flowering shrubs. They grow well in any garden soil and repay the attention bestowed on them. They bloom in early Spring and continue in bloom for a good length of time. As soon as the plants are finished blooming, prune the previous year's growth back to within six inches of its growth, so as to encourage the plants to throw out strong shoots, the best flowers always being found on the growth of the previous year.

Propagate by cuttings (made of the previous Summer's growth) about six inches long placed in sandy soil in the open ground in November or as soon as the leaves are all off. In the Spring, as soon as the cuttings are well rooted, plant them in nursery rows for a year when they may be transplanted into their place in the shrubbery.