The fig family contains many highly ornamental evergreen and deciduous trees. Ficus elastica is a fine tree for the open ground and as a pot plant for the decoration of the pallor or sitting room, while, as a veranda plant, few are more hardy or give better satisfaction, its long leathery smooth shiny green leaves and upright stately habit making it a generally favorite plant for garden and indoor decoration. It grows well in any good garden soil provided it is given a sheltered spot and plenty of water.

Some fine specimens of Ficus are to be seen in Southern California and also in San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael and San Mateo, a number of these being over forty feet high and generally enjoying vigorous health.

Propagate, in the early Spring, by cuttings taken from plants grown under glass; insert them in sandy soil in strong moist heat. If the cuttings are taken from the open ground, place them in a cold frame until they callous; they should then be taken from the cold frame and put in a house with a temperature of sixty degrees Fahrenheit where they will soon root.