Very pretty combinations can be made by planting mixed grasses; for instance, by planting one or more of the Bamboos in the center of the group, with a line of the stately Arundo Donax and Arundo conspicua alternately around the Bamboos, and, in front of and around the Arundo plants, a line of the Pampas Grasses, then, in front of and around the Pampas Grasses, a row of Eulalia Japonica and its varieties intermixed perhaps with Erianthus Ravennae, finishing the group with Orchard Grasses and Feather-Grass (Stipa pennata).

Other and smaller groups can be planted, leaving out the stronger growing, or handsome groups can be formed, leaving out the dwarf growers, or again, a carpet can be made of the dwarf forms, planting the taller growers a few feet apart and allowing the character of the smaller species to be seen between the stems of the Bamboos or Arundos.