This genus includes the common Sunflower and about eighty other species. The tall-growing annual species thrive in any good soil and show best when planted among tall shrubs or trees where they have a good background of foliage. The perennial species, not being such tall growers, are very suitable for planting in clumps in the herbaceous border, where their dense masses of bright yellow are very effective.

The "multiflorus " varieties are the most popular; some of them when well grown are as large and as double as a Dahlia.

The annual species are propagated by seeds sown, where they are to flower, in early Spring. Cover the seeds to the depth of a quarter of an inch. Propagate the perennial species by division of the roots in early Spring. The annuals, when four inches high, should be thinned to eighteen inches apart, and the perennials should be planted two feet apart each way.