In the cultivation of this handsome bulbous plant, a light rich soil should be provided, and firm, solid bulbs of good size selected; soft spongy bulbs give weak stems and poor flowers. Plant the bulbs about eight inches apart and three inches deep, placing a little sand in the hole before planting. The latter end of October or the first week in November will be found the best time to plant. As soon as the flower-spikes are from six to eight inches high they should be neatly staked to prevent the flowers being broken by their own weight; should the weather continue dry in Spring or while they are in bloom, they should be watered freely as any dryness at the root will weaken the growth and shorten their season of bloom. As soon as the foliage is ripe or turned yellow in color, the bulbs should be taken up and the foliage cleaned off; when they are thoroughly dry, they should be packed in boxes filled with dry soil and laid away in a cool dry place until the following season.

Propagate by dividing the bulbs, taking the offsets from the old bulbs as soon as they are taken up; place the offsets in separate boxes and plant them, in small beds or borders, two inches deep in light rich soil. They flower the third year.