Highly decorative, evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Hydrangea hortensis, the most easily grown of any of the species, is a universal favorite, flowering, as it often does, ten months of the year, its handsome foliage and great trusses of pink, white or purple sterile flowers giving a fine effect. It does best in a semi-shaded situation in light sandy moist soil. If extra large panicles of flowers are desired, cut the shoots back to within a foot of the ground and thin the remainder of the flower stems to not over six, manure them heavily and water them freely; the result will be enormously large heads requiring stout stakes to support them. It also makes an excellent vase plant for the porch or veranda, the shade and shelter of the veranda being a very suitable light for its development.

Hydrangea paniculata is a valuable shrubby species for the decorating of the shrubbery, having smaller leaves than the preceding and panicles also smaller and of a more pointed shape. It requires a sunny warm situation and all the light possible.

There are many varieties of the Hortensia, notably Dr. Hogg with pure white flowfers, and Hortensia Japonica with blue flowers. Some have variegated foliage.

All are easily propagated by ordinary cuttings placed in sandy soil in a cool frame in October.