This beautiful Spring-flowering bulb is most useful for giving a fine effect in Spring and early Summer from its elegant habit, its graceful flower-stalks and its rich and varied colors, the center of the flowers always differing in shades from the other parts.

The genus contains about twenty-five species of easy culture in any good garden soil.

In October or early in November plant the bulbs about six inches deep; as soon as the leaves turn yellow take up the bulbs and store them in a cool dry place until the next planting season.

Propagation by offsets is the quickest method of increasing the number of plants; they may be secured in quantity after the parent bulbs have ripened off; store them in a cool dry place until the planting season; plant the offsets in a sheltered position about three inches apart for one season; the second year they will bloom and may be planted in their blooming quarters.

They may also be propagated by seeds which should be sown in pans or boxes about September and placed in a cold frame; cover the seeds to the depth of one-quarter of an inch; the second year plant the young bulbs a few inches apart in a sheltered spot, taking up the bulbs as soon as ripe and storing them until planting time. They will bloom the third year.