The Medlar, although considered more a fruit than an ornamental tree, is nevertheless frequently grown as the latter. This is especially so in the case of the Japanese species which has large handsome leaves and forms a very fine shade tree. Any good garden soil is suitable for growing the Medlar.

Propagation of this tree is by means of seeds which should be sown during Spring in a cold frame. The seeds should be covered to the depth of a quarter of an inch.

Metrosideros A genus of about eighteen species natives of the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and New South Wales, mostly shrubby in habit, having narrow pointed leaves and showy flowers, growing well in any garden soil and requiring no artificial watering where the ground is well cultivated and kept clear of weeds.

Propagate by cuttings in early Fall or by seeds sown, in Spring, one-quarter of an inch deep in a cold frame. When the seedlings are one inch high, transplant them two inches apart in boxes.

Metrosideros robusta,.