The Musas are among the very best of the large-leaved decorative plants, Musa Ensete having the largest leaves. It is much used in subtropical gardening, sometimes producing leaves over fifteen feet in length with a breadth of three feet, these, with their broad midrib of reddish-brown color, making it one of the handsomest plants in a well-kept garden. The Musas delight in a warm sunny well-sheltered situation, a rich well-manured deep soil and plenty of water during the growing season.

Propagate Musa Ensete by seeds, sown to the depth of half an inch, in a hotbed, in February or March, and potted singly in four-inch pots as soon as the seedlings are six inches high; give them more pot-room as required, planting them, in early May, where they are to remain. Musa Cavendishii, Musa coccinea and most of the other species are easily increased by dividing the roots or by taking the young suckers which form at the base of the stem, potting them, at any time during Winter or Spring, in light rich soil and placing them in bottom-heat until rooted.