Evening Primroses are among our favorite natives and are most desirable plants for the decoration of our gardens and shrubberies; planted among shrubs, where their flower-stalks and bright-colored (pink, white or yellow) flowers show against the background of shrubby leaves, the effect is very pleasing, their flowers being among the most beautiful and attractive of our native perennial herbs.

They thrive well in any soil not too shallow, and require little or no artificial irrigation. Œnothera biennis, Œnothera albi-caulis, Œnothera bistorta, Œnothera ovata and Œnothera cheir-anthifolia are all natives of this Coast and especially effective.

Propagate by seeds sown, to the depth of an eighth of an inch, where they are to bloom, in October or immediately after the first rains have well soaked the soil, or by division of the root-stocks in Winter or early Spring. The seeds may be sown in a seed-bed and the seedlings transplanted when three or four inches high.

The tall-growing sorts should be planted one foot apart and the dwarf species six inches apart.