A hardy easily-grown genus of annual and perennial flowering plants, natives of the temperate or subtropical regions of Asia, North Africa and Europe. They grow well in any common garden soil and are excellent for cutting, for decoration indoors or for giving gay, many-colored effects in beds or flower-borders; they are also good for sowing or planting in woods or shrubberies.

Sow seeds of Papaver Danebrog, Papaver somniferum, or the Shirley species, in February, where intended to bloom; sow the seeds one-quarter of an inch deep. Thin the young plants to one foot apart, top-dressing the ground about the young seedlings with old manure to the depth of one-half or one inch; water when required.

The perennial species, such as Papaver bracteatum, Papaver orientale, etc., are propagated by division of the roots in early Spring or by seeds sown, in July, in a cold frame, pricked out in boxes as soon as large enough to be handled and planted in their permanent quarters in November.