Ornamental deciduous shrubs, with opposite leaves and white flowers in terminal racemes on short branches appearing in May and on until July. They are well adapted for shrubbery undergrowth, liking partial shade. When exposed to the full sun, the flowers are smaller and lack the delicate tinting of those grown in half shade. Any fair garden soil will suit them as they are of easy culture. Prune the bushes as soon as the flowers fade, to encourage the making of strong young shoots to take the place of those cut, as it is on the previous year's wood that they flower.

There are several species worthy of a place, including Philadelphus coronarhis, Philadelphus Gordonianus, Philadelphus grandiflorus and others of which some varieties have double flowers and some variegated foliage.

Propagate by cuttings of ripe wood placed in sandy soil in the open ground in November or as soon as the leaves fall.