A genus of very pretty flowering trees or shrubs, natives of the West Indies and Eastern North Africa. They must have a warm sunny situation where they form grand effects in Summer and Autumn.

Poinciana pulcherrima (the East Indian species) grows to the height of about twelve feet and bears great masses of orange-yellow flowers.

Poinciana regia (from Madagascar) is the largest of the genus, reaching, under favorable conditions, the height of from thirty to forty feet and having a trunk three feet in diameter. With its beautiful bipinnate leaves two feet in length it is very effective in the garden or grounds, especially when it is covered with its gorgeous masses of bright scarlet and yellow flowers.

Propagate by cuttings in the Fall (protect them with glass frame during the first Winter), or by seeds sown, in early Spring, in a cold frame; cover the seeds to the depth of one-quarter of an inch.