This is a term which is applied to the removal of small seedling plants, from the seed-bed, to pots or boxes. The operation is generally carried out as soon as the young seedlings are about one inch in height. They should be lifted from the seed-bed by hand, the soil shaken carefully from the roots and the plants placed singly on a thin board or on the surface of the soil in the box in which the young seedlings are to be pricked out. They should then be taken singly by the upper leaves between the finger and thumb of the left hand; a hole should be made in the soil with the forefinger of the right hand or with a dibble and the roots of the young seedling should be carefully placed into that hole so that the lower leaf or leaves of the plant rest on the surface; the soil should then be gently pressed about the roots. When the box or pot is filled, the young plants should receive a gentle watering with the watering-pot through a fine rose. They should then be returned to a position and temperature similar to that in which they were grown, and shaded from strong sunshine for a few days or until the young plants have made fresh roots when they may be gradually exposed to light and air.