There are two forms of this lovely Spring-flowering Ranunculus, viz., the Persian and the Turban. The Persian has a compact symmetrical habit, the Turban being more spreading and larger every way; the flowers of both sections are very beautiful and they both make excellent bedders. Both have numerous varieties and range in color from white, through all shades of browns and yellows, to scarlet, or they are speckled and striped most charmingly.

They thrive best in a rich light soil well mixed with old cow-manure; they should be carefully watered during dry weather not overwatered, however, as they abhor stagnant moisture, too much water causing their foliage to become yellow and the flowers to become weak and short-lived.

As soon as the flowering season is over and the leaves are ripe, take the roots up, remove the foliage, dry the little bulblets and store them away in boxes filled with dry soil in a cool cellar until planting time arrives which should be in November. In planting, set them out about six inches apart and two inches deep, care being taken to plant them with their crowns uppermost.

Propagate by dividing the claw-like tubers as soon as ripe, which is generally early in June. They flower the second year.