This universal, favorite, sweet-scented annual is one which ought to be seen in every home garden. It will grow in any good garden soil, but, if fine flower-stalks are expected, the soil can scarcely be made too rich.

Propagate by seeds sown where they are to flower and covered to the depth of a quarter of an inch. February is a good season for the sowing of the first crop, and another sowing should be made in July; these two sowings will keep up a continual supply of flowers during every month of the year, provided the plants are not allowed to seed. In sowing, it is a good plan to rake the ground finely and sow the seeds in drills about one foot apart, the drills to be drawn the shape of the bed or patch desired, whether circular, oval or other form. When the plants are three inches high, thin them to one foot apart and mulch well with old manure, giving water when required.

To those who have limited space, this little favorite will be found very accommodating, as it does well even in a window-box if given an Easterly or Northern exposure, requiring a good, rich, light soil and plenty of water, care being taken, however, not to get the soil soggy or sour.