The Scillas are among the most beautiful of our hardy Spring-flowering plants. Some of the species, being natives of Spain and Portugal, are specially adapted for growing here in California. They thrive well in any good garden soil, although soil of a light sandy loam seems to suit them best. In September, plant them six inches deep where wanted to bloom, selecting any out-of-the-way spot under the shade of trees, even the shade of the heaviest Pines, where few other plants will thrive. There are several fine spedes including many colors.

Scilla campanulata and its variously-colored varieties make charming and effective groups in flower-borders and shrubberies.

Propagate in the dormant season by separating the offsets from the parent bulbs and growing them on in a separate bed or border for one year. The following season they should be ready to be planted where they are to bloom.