The Spanish Broom is one of the shrubs best suited for planting in the background in portions of the garden removed from the reach of the hose as it requires no artificial irrigation after the first year. It grows in the poorest of soil and on the dryest hillside.

It is a native of the Canary Islands and the shores of the Mediterranean.

It gives its best effect, especially if viewed from a little distance, when growing in masses on a rocky hillside (facing the sun) and surrounded by Pines or other dark-green foliage, its bright yellow, pea-shaped flowers, which completely hide the leaves, making the color effect very striking. This is especially noticeable as it blooms in the late Autumn when few of our flowering shrubs are in bloom. Excepting a semi-double variety, no variation in this species has yet been found.

This shrub is propagated by sowing the seeds during Winter or early Spring in the open ground or in a cold frame, the seeds being covered to the depth of half an inch. When the seedlings are four inches high they should be transplanted into pots, and, during the following Spring, set out in their permanent situations.

Spartium Junceum.