This favorite shrub,? which flowers in early Spring, should be represented in every garden however small. It grows freely in any good garden soil but will amply repay such extra attention as it may receive in the way of the removal of suckers or a little additional top dressing.

There are about ten species in the genus, including the Persian (Syringa Persica), the European (Syringa vulgaris), and the Japanese (Syringa Ja-ponica). These species have a number of varieties in many shades of color, varying from the deepest purple to the purest white.

The Lilac is easily propagated by means of the suckers which are produced at the base of the established plant. These should be taken from the parent plant during Winter or early Spring and placed six inches apart in nursery rows, the distance between the rows being two feet. Here the young plants should remain until they are required for permanent planting.

Syringa vulgaris.