The Linden is one of the most desirable of the large-growing trees, being symmetrical and formal in habit, especially when young. As a single specimen on the lawn or as an avenue tree it is unequalled. It loves a deep light loam and a sheltered site. There are several species, one a native of the Eastern States and one of Europe. These species have a number of varieties, the leaves of some of them being variegated.

The Linden is propagated by seeds which should be sown as soon as ripe in the open ground one-quarter of an inch deep. Torreya (False Nutmeg Tree) Ornamental evergreen trees with spreading branches and dark-green yew-like foliage. The Torreyas grow well in any well-drained soil and make handsome specimens for the lawn, either singly or planted in groups. Our native species (Torreya Coulteri) the handsomest of the genus, grows to a height of about one hundred feet, Torreya grandis grows to about the same height as does also the Florida species. All are propagated by seeds planted one inch deep and three inches apart in the open ground in early Spring. They should be transplanted into nursery rows the following Spring, and, when from eighteen inches to two feet high, should be planted where they are to remain.

Torreya Coulteri.