These well-known hardy Spring-flowering bulbs are very popular for the decoration of our gardens, and, where a good collection is grown, may be had in bloom from February to June. They thrive well in any good light loam, and, in October or early in November, should be planted from three to four inches deep where they are to bloom; plant them, with a trowel, about eight inches apart.

After they have finished blooming, and their leaves become brown, the bulbs should be taken up from the soil and laid singly in a cool shaded airy shed until thoroughly ripened, when they should be stored in shallow boxes and placed in an airy dark dry cellar until the planting season.

In planting, care should be taken to plant in the same bed those varieties which bloom early, the same rule being followed with those which bloom later, for, if the late-blooming varieties were planted among those which flower in February or March, the result would be disappointing as the early species would be out of flower and their foliage would be brown before the late-blooming species began to show color.

Propagate by offsets taken from the parent bulbs when they are lifted; these offsets should be grown by themselves until large enough for flowering.