Greenhouse And Flower-Garden

The instructions for July apply with but little variation in these departments this month.


Strawberries that were planted in spring, and also those that have fruited will now be making "runners" or young plants freely. All runners should be kept cut off close to the old plant, so that the full force of the root is expended in maturing the "crowns" or fruit buds of the next season's crop. If plants are wanted for fresh plantations, about the required number can be allowed to run, but should be layered in pots, as recommended under Strawberries. Cut away the old stems of raspberries and blackberries that have borne their fruit, and thin out the young shoots to three or four canes to each hill or plant, if tied to stakes and topped when 4 or 5 feet high, they will make stronger canes for fruiting next year.

Vegetable Garden

Planted crops, such as cabbage, cauliflower, and celery, should be hoed deeply. We do not recommend the earthing up of celery this month. Onions will in many sections now be ready for harvesting; this condition will be known by the tops becoming yellow and falling down; they are best dried by placing them in some dry shed in thin layers. For sweet potatoes, see directions, of last month. Spinach may be sown for early fall use, but it is yet too early to sow for the winter crop. Red-top, White Globe, and Yellow Aberdeen turnips should now be sown. Ruta-baga turnips sown last month will need thinning.