We persist in growing under the two distinct names of Broccoli and Cauliflower, plants which at best are nothing more than very nearly related varieties. The main difference between them is, that what we call Broccoli, is planted for fall use, while that which we call Cauliflower is planted for spring or summer use; though in this respect they are frequently reversed without seeming to mind it. For fall use the seed should be sown in the early part of May, which will give plants large enough to be set out in July. Further south the sowing of the seed should be delayed from four to six weeks later, and the plants be set out correspondingly later. Here we put them out in July, though further south it may be delayed to August or September. In the mild autumn weather of those latitudes this vegetable may be had in perfection from November to March, while with us, if planted out in July it matures during October and November. The plants are set at two and a half to three feet apart, and as a hundred plants are all that most families would use, it is cheaper to buy them, if in a section where they are sold, than to raise the plants from seed. It requires an abundance of manure. The varieties are:

White And Purple Cape

There is no difference in flavor, though the white is the most pleasant looking vegetable when cooked.