The taste engendered by growing plants in rooms often results in a desire to have more appropriate quarters for the plants, and a greenhouse follows. This always affords the most satisfaction when it is so attached to the dwelling that opening a door or window from the dining-room or parlor, reveals the glories of the greenhouse. The greenhouse, when attached to the dwelling, should be always on the east, south-east, south, or south-west sides, never on the north. It may be of any length or width desired. If of ten feet width, it will cost for erection from $4 to $6 per running foot, according to the character of the work. If 20 feet wide, from $8 to $10 per running foot. This is exclusive of heating, which, if done by hot-water pipes, will cost for 10 feet wide, about $4 per running foot; if 20 feet wide, about $8 per running foot. Thus to complete a conservatory, with heating apparatus, shelves, etc., 10 feet wide by 40 feet long, it would cost about $400; if 20 x 40 feet, about $800. In this estimate it is assumed that the heating is to be done by the Base Burning Water-heater, of Hitchings & Co. This heating apparatus is of recent invention, and is exceedingly well adapted for the purpose, as the fire requires no more attention than any ordinary base burning stoves. The boiler takes up no more room than an ordinary stove, and requires no setting; it is shown in Fig. 36, and in section in fig. 37. It is fed by coal from the top, and can be left with safety 10 or 12 hours without any attention. It must be borne in mind that in constructing the conservatory it must be built where a chimney is accessible by which to carry off the smoke from the boiler or water heater, just as would be necessary for an ordinary stove. If the greenhouse is small enough to be heated from a register from the furnace that heats the dwelling, much of the cost may be saved, as it will be seen that nearly half of the cost of construction is the heating apparatus. Figure 38 shows a front elevation of a conservatory suitable to attach to dwellings; this is 16 feet wide and 30 feet in length. Its ground plan showing the arrangement of the benches and walks, is given in Fig. 39. Such a structure in every way complete, heated with Hitchings Base Burning water-heater, should not exceed $600.

Base Burner.

Fig. 36. - Base-Burner.

Base Burner section.

Fig. 37. - section.

Fig. 38. - Elevation Of Conservatory Attached To Dwelling.

Ground Plan Of Conservatory

Fig. 39. - Ground Plan Of Conservatory, Fig 38.