The Cherry-tree begins to bear usually in two or three years after planting trees of the size sold at the nurseries, and continues to annually enlarge in growth and productiveness until it often attains a larger size than most of our fruit-trees. The Cherry grows freely in almost any soil that is free from moisture, preferring, however, like most other fruits, a deep loamy soil The tree may be trained as desired, either in pyramidal form or with a round top, by pruning and directing the shoots. The distance apart may be ten or twelve feet. Varieties:

Black Tartarian

Deep purplish-black, very large; fine flesh, unsurpassed in quality; last of June.

Rockport - Very large, amber-yellow, dotted red; flesh firm, sweet and excellent; ripens in June.

Coe's Transparent

Color pale-amber-yellow; spotted with pink; flesh tender, sweet, and of fine flavor; ripens middle of June.

May Duke

Color dark-red, size medium, quality excellent; ripens early in June.


A sub-acid variety of medium size, color bright-red, changing to darker color when fully ripe; hangs long on the tree, mainly used for pies and preserving.