By Peter Henderson, Bergen City, N. J., Author Of "Gardening For Profit."

MR. HENDENSON is known as the largest Commercial Florist m the country. In the present work he gives a toll account of his modes of propagation and cultivation. It is adapted to the wants of the amateur, as well as the professional grower.

The seope of the work may be judged from the following

Table Of Contents

Aspect and Soil.

Laying out Lawn and Flower Gardens.

Designs for Flower Gardens.

Planting of Flower Beds.

Soils for Potting.

Temperature and Moisture.

The Potting of Plants,

Cold Frames - Winter Protection.

Construction of Hot-Beds.

Greenhouse Structures.

Modes of Heating.

Propagation by Seeds.

Propagation by Cuttings.

Propagation of Lilies.

Culture of the Rose.

Culture of the Verbena.

Culture of the Tuberose,

Orchid Culture. Holland Bulbs. Cape Bulbs.

Winter-Flowering Plants. Construction of Bouquets. Hanging Baskets. Window Gardening. Rock-Work. Insects.

Nature's Law of Colors. Packing Plants. Plants by. Mail. Profits of Floriculture. Soft-Wooded Plants. Annrals.

Hardy Herbaceous Plants. Greenhouse Plants. Diary of Operations for each Day of the Tear.

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