By Peter Henderson.

Finely Illustrated

This work has had a constant and remarkable sale ever since it was issued, and the later enlarged and revised edition is as well received as was the first It was the first work on Market Gardening ever published in this country. Its author is well known as a market gardener of many years1 successful experience. In this work he has recorded this experience, and given without reservation, the methods necessary to the profitable culture of the Market Garden.

It is a work for which there was an urgent demand before its issue, and one which commends itself, not only to those who grow vegetables for sale, but to the cultivator of the Family Garden, to whom it presents methods quite different from the old ones generally practiced. It is an original and purely american work, and not made up as books on gardening too often are, by quotations from foreign authors.

Every thing is made perfectly plain, and the subject treated in all its details, from the selection of the soil to preparing the products for market


Men fitted for the Business of Gardening.

The Amount of Capital Required, and Working Force per Acre.

Profits of Market Gardening.

Location, Situation, and Laying Out.

Soils, Drainage, and Preparation.

Manures, Implements.

Uses and Management of Cold Frames.

Formation and Management of Hot-beds.

Forcing Pits or Greenhouses.

Seeds and Seed Raising.

How, When, and Where to Sow Seeds.

Transplanting Insects.

Packing of Vegetables for Shipping.

Preservation of Vegetables in Winter.

Vegetables, their Varieties and Cultivation.

In the last chapter, the most valuable kinds are described, and the culture proper to each is given in detail.

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