Although the Jonquils and Narcissuses can be grown in water in glasses as well as the Hyacinth, they are not often so treated, hyacinths being the only bulbs largely flowered in that way, some of which are shown in. Fig. 12.

The glasses are made of various styles, from the plain old-fashioned Belgian to the ornamental Bohemian glasses, and of clear glass or colored, green, amber, claret, and other shades. The glasses, which are best of a dark color, are filled with water just high enough for the base of the bulb to touch it. The glasses must be placed in a cool and dark place, just such a situation as recommended for those grown in pots. Care must be taken that they do not freeze, else the glasses will be broken, and the Hyacinths more or less injured. Single Hyacinths are better than double ones for glasses. The water should be changed every six or eight days.


Vass shaped.




Fig. 12. - Hyacinth Glasses.