Greeehouse And Flower-Garden

The greenhouse may now be used for hot-house or tropical plants, if such are desired during the summer months. It should now be well shaded and fine specimens of fancy caladiums, dracaenas, palms, ferns, and such plants as are grown for their beauty of foliage will make it very attractive. Hyacinths, Tulips, and other spring bulbs may now be dug up, dried, and placed away for next fall's planting, and their places filled with such plants as Coleus, Achyranthes, and the various "white-leaved plants" that are suited for late bedding. Lawns will now require to be mowed weekly in all well-kept places. It is as much an indication of slovenliness to see a door-yard that has any pretensions to be called a lawn, with the grass uncut, as it would be to see a dust begrimed carpet in the parlor.


If strawberries have not been mulched with hay or straw in winter, the cut grass from the lawn is a convenient thing to place between the rows to keep the fruit from getting Banded by dashing rains. Nearly all the small fruits, such as gooseberries, raspberries, etc., etc., are much improved by having a mulching of some sort placed around the roots, which should be done this month.

Vegetable Garden

This is usually the busiest month in the garden, crops mature and have to be gathered, and while doing so, weeds are apt to steal a march on you, and may destroy entirely some of your hard work of former months, unless you attack them in their embryo stage, that is just when breaking through the soil. A man will hoe and rake over six times the surface of soil when the weeds are in this stage that he would if weeds were six inches high, and in this matter more than anything else I know of in gardening, does a " stitch in time save nine." Beans, peas, beets, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, etc., may yet be sown for succession crops, and late plantings of Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes will yet do well on suitable soils. Tomatoes should be tied up to trellises or stakes, if fine flavored and handsome fruit is desired.