Nectarines are only smooth skinned peaches, requiring in all respects similar treatment to the peach. They are but little grown in this country, as they are equally liable to injury by the attacks of the Plum Curculio, with the Plum itself. The same treatment recommended for its destruction in Plums, must be applied to the Nectarine. There is a peculiarity in the flavor of some varieties of Nectarines differing from that of any of the peaches, and by some they are greatly preferred to any peach in flavor. The successful varieties are not numerous.

Early Newington

Large, roundish oval, greenish-yellow mottled red; flesh yellowish-white; September; cling.

Hunt's Tawny

Large, round, amber-yellow with red cheek; flesh orange, melting, flavor excellent; ripens in August; freestone. 8


Large, oval, yellow with mottled crimson cheek; flesh yellow, excellent quality; September; freestone.