Potatoes are grown by planting the tubers, either cut or whole, it makes but little difference which; if large, cut them; if small, leave them uncut. They are usually planted in drills three feet apart, and four or five inches deep. The ground should be prepared by first spreading in the drills a good coat of stable manure, say two inches deep, upon which are planted the. tubers or sets, at distances of eight or ten inches apart. In a warm exposure planting may be begun early in April, and the crop will be fit for use in June. Some of the small-leaved varieties such as the Ash-leaved Kidney, were formerly grown under hand glasses, or in frames, to forward them, but now this is hardly worth the trouble, as our supplies from southern latitudes are so early that it is no longer desirable to force the crop. The generally favorite variety for early crops is still the Early Rose; and for general crop, Peach-Blows; but there are scores of other varieties, which have a special or local reputation.