Triomphe de Gand is one of the favorite varieties; it is of large size, fine flavor, and a fair bearer. It requires a heavy soil.

Wilson's Seedling is a variety better known than any other sort; it bears large crops, but is very sour. It is much used for preserving.


A berry of an immense size, and beautiful dark crimson appearance, an abundant bearer, but not so rich in flavor as some others.

Charles Downing

This variety is likely to take the place of the Wilson, as it has all the productiveness of that; succeeds on all soils, and a much better berry.


Is the latest variety, and by planting it with earlier sorts, will extend the season several days.

Black Defiance

This is a first-class fruit in every respect, large, productive, and of high flavor; while its dark color unfits it for market, it is one of the best for the private garden.

Seth Boyden

One of the largest berries, very productive, sweet, but not very high flavored; its long neck allows it to be hulled very readily.