The cultivation of the Water Melon is in all respects similar to that of the Musk Melon, except that being a larger and stronger growing plant, it requires to be planted at greater distances. The hills should not be less than eight feet apart each way. It delights in light sandy soil, and will not grow satisfactorily on heavy, clayey soils. The leading sorts are:

Fig- 88. - Martynia.

Mountain, Sprout - A large-sized, red-fleshed variety, of excellent Savor.

Phinney's Early

Flesh of a deep red, very sweet.

Fig. 89. - Water-Melon - Phinney's Early.

Ice Cream

A white-fleshed variety, and one of the earliest; best to be grown in northern or eastern states.


So called because the flesh parts readily from the rind when ripe. The flesh is red, and rather coarse; it keeps longer than any other.

Rattlesnake, also called Joe Johnson, is a fine variety for the southern states, and is largely grown for shipment to the northern markets.

Mustard, (Sinapis Alba.)

For use and cultivation see Cress.