There is certainly great satisfaction to the garden lover in seeing the beautiful solid white cauliflower heads of her own raising, surrounded with their blue-green leaves. The soil must be rich and the plants should be set out about May 20th, although for an early crop they might be set out the last of April. If the weather comes off dry the cauliflowers will suffer, as they require water. A good mulch will help them by keeping the soil moist. When the heads begin to form draw the leaves together and tie them near the top over the cauliflower. This forms a protection from the sun and keeps the cauliflower white.

Two packets of seed should raise a sufficient number of plants. The seed for an early crop should be sowed in March in boxes in the house or in hot-beds. Seed for a late crop to be set out the end of July may be sowed early in May in a small bed in the garden. The seedlings must be watered carefully and not allowed to suffer from drought.