Any one can raise mushrooms who has a cellar under an out-building. For obvious reasons it would not be agreeable to raise them under a house. We have raised them successfully; a bed about six feet by twelve feet giving us from the first crop, from a pound to three pounds daily for nearly six weeks. The bed was then watered, a little fresh earth spread 'over it and well firmed down, and in three weeks a second crop appeared.

There are no better directions for making a mushroom bed than those given by Henderson and by Thorburn, and I have found their spawn excellent. One of the most important things is the condition of the manure. But if you want to have success, it is absolutely essential to follow the directions accurately. Few people are patient enough to do this, but will insist on making mushroom beds with various modifications of their own, and, in consequence, raise no mushrooms. They even say, "It is all a matter of luck," or "Raising mushrooms is very difficult," although it is simply a matter of absolutely following the rules which experience has proved to be essential.