The seed for peppers may be sown in the hot-bed, but I have it sown directly in the garden about May 10th; two packets of seed will raise quite enough plants. The soil should be rich and finely pulverized. Sow the seeds thinly and when the young plants are well up thin them out to eighteen inches apart. Peppers are apt to be killed by the first frost, so it is well when frost is expected to have all that remain on the plants gathered at once. If stored in a cool, dark place, they will keep a long time.

Radishes are most acceptable in early Spring, and if they are to be raised in the garden, should be sown as soon as the frost leaves the ground; the rows should be about a foot apart and the plants about two inches apart in the rows. The small dark red variety is the best. One ounce of seed is sufficient, and sowings can follow each other about every three weeks.