Seed for early Spring spinach should be sowed in October, well covered with leaves or coarse litter at the end of November and uncovered at the end of March. By the 20th of April it should be ready to gather. Spinach treated in this manner has always survived the Winter, except the last terrible one. If it is not thought desirable to run the risk of Autumn sowing, then sow the seed the moment the frost is out of the ground in the Spring, and the crop will be ready by the middle of May. Spinach for a Fall crop should not to be sniffed at. Boil enough for eight persons until quite soft; drain and rub them through a wire sieve; return to the saucepan, add a tablespoonful of butter, three of cream or of rich stock, pepper and salt to taste; cook for five minutes, stir continually so the mixture does not burn, and it is ready to serve.